included in the main dishes


Folhas com tomate, pepino e azeitona



Creme de Feijão

Main Courses

Orange wood smoked salmon


tabbouleh with cashew nuts and mini confit vegetables

Grilled salmon in orange and mustard sauce


potatoes, mushrooms and broccoli sautée

Codfish confit


cod loin confit with potatoes, tomatoes and olives

Shrimp on creamy cassava mush


large shrimp on creamy mush with "Bragança" cassava flour, aromatic broth and vegetables



shrimp skewers; capellini pasta broken into pieces, roasted in olive oil and cooked in shrimp broth; creamy "bisque"

Fish and seafood stew


white fish, shrimp, squid ring, sweet potato and coriander in tropical sauce with coconut milk

Mediterranean risotto with basil pesto


black olives, eggplant, zucchini and tomato sautée with olive oil. Finished with goat cheese

Lamb and leeks risotto


slowly roasted lamb with aromatic broth

Duck rice


sautéed jasmine rice with duck breast pieces, sausage, shimeji, pod, carrot and jambu flower infusion



grilled Angus steak, purple sweet potato puree and mustard sauce

Fillet medallion with camembert cheese


sautéed spätzle with cherry tomatoes, celery and smoked paprika

Fillet medallion with porcini mushrooms sauce


fettuccine with sage butter

Filet medallion with mushrooms


paris, shiitake and funghi risotto